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Feeding the Toddler
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Subscription Boxes

Nurture Naturally & Little Bright Fox Baby Led Weaning Baby Food Packs

We are thrilled to launch our new range of Baby-Led Weaning Food Packs! We have been working together closely to develop a starting solids solution to make parents lives easier and ensure that your little one not only meets all their nutrition needs and is introduced to ONE HUNDRED foods before one, but enjoy an experimental journey of solid and pureed food that is sure to grown their love for eating and exposes them to an array of textures and tastes!

These Baby Led Weaning monthly packs are a mixture of purees and solid foods and include:

  • 2 x complimentary personalized cooler bags and cold packs, one of which you will swap out each week for your next prepped and packed cooler box . These cooler bags are only provided for your first order as they are a “Sign Up Gift”.

  • All the puree you will need for the week as well as prepped veggies, fresh fruits and new grains.

  • A list of all 100 foods you'll introduce through the journey with a chart for you to tick off to help you keep track.

  • An eating plan to follow on what to feed your baby and when, which correlates with the food in your lunch box.

  • A good mixture of purees and solids

  • Your meal plan will include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks are also included.

A weekly option is available, however it does not include the personalised cooler bag.

All prepared and made with love and at an incredibly affordable price! Your order will be delivered fresh to studio every week for you to collect.

Monthly subscription orders are delivered to studio every Thursday. Orders placed this week will be delivered the following
week to studio.

The packs we offer are listed below:

  • 6 Month Pack

  • 7 Month Pack

  • 8 Month Pack

  • 9 Month Pack

  • 10 Month Pack

  • 11 Month Pack

  • 12 Month Pack (which includes a mini Birthday Cake!)

The foods you can expect in your pack are as follows, however every age group and week will be slightly different to the last with the exception of the 6 month pack which focuses on exposure to “Starter Foods”:

  • Sneaky Waffles

  • Sneaky Doughnuts

  • A variety of oats and breakfast options

  •  Fresh fruit and veg slices

  •  Fruit and veg purees

  • Meatballs and chicken strips

  • Many of the classic Nurture Naturally tubs

*Each menu differs and the contents change based on the progression through the program and what is available seasonal.

Your menu will be included in your pack or sent to you via Whatsapp.

If your baby has an allergy or any special dietary requirements, please let us know so that we can schedule a personalised telephonic consult with Nurture Naturally’s very own Ayla Verweerdt.

Ayla will guide you through the options and substitutions available.

If you would like to place an order kindly notify us with a response to this email stating which pack you are interested in and a quotation will be sent to you for payment. Once payment is received, your order will be processed and you will be notified of your collection date.

We look forward to being on this journey with you!

Kind regards,
The Little Bright Fox Team
Cell: 076 553 4747 / 060 983 2909

Every month has a different and surprising mix, so there's always something new to enjoy.

Nurture your baby naturally (Instagram Post) - 2022-04-13T212738_edited.png
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